Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WOODEN BOAT SHOW - Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, MD

This museum does the most amazing job of "saving the lives" of old historic wrecks and restoring them to their former glory.  Not only that, they give invaluable insight into the history of these maritime treasures of times gone by on the Chesapeake Bay and the roles the vessels played in shaping Maryland into what it is today.  The annual wooden boat show brings boats from near and far for enthusiasts to marvel at, an opportunity to stroll the exquisite waterfront grounds of the Maritime Museum, sample local fare, my favorite being the crab cakes, and just have a fun day.  

One of the gorgeous old buildings within the museum grounds.

Skipjacks - traditional Chesapeake Bay fishing boats used for oyster dredging - most of these fine examples which are still sailed, were built around the very early 1900's.

Historic Chesapeake Buy-Boats made the rounds of the Chesapeake Oyster beds, to buy oysters directly from the harvesters, allowing the oyster dredgers to remain on the beds, avoiding the need to return the dock when full.  In the background is the 1879 Hooper Strait traditional Chesapeake "Screwpile" lighthouse.

One of many examples of old wooden boats that can be restored to their former glory - I just love the patina on the old wood.

Crap pot - the Chesapeake Bay is famous for it's steamed Blue Crabs seasoned with Old Bay!

Used for dredging for oysters.

Part of the picturesque Maritime Museum grounds.

One of many fine examples of beautifully restored old wooden boats on show.

Old equipment used for oystering, on a bed of oyster shells, now on show at the Oyster museum section.

Part of Bay restoration where grasses are planted.  In the background is the Inn at Perry Cabin, a fine establishment for getting away from it all - originally owned by the famous British Laura Ashley, and well known for it's front lawns being used for the outdoor wedding scene filming of "The Wedding Crashers". 

More beautiful buildings and boats, boats, boats.

Flowering Bergamot (Bee Balm)

And in the midst of this beautiful Maritime Museum is this darling little wood and stone cottage with historic vegetable gardens surrounded by paths of oyster shells.  A happy find for me.

Inside the Oyster Museum shed, a collection of tinned oysters on display.

More Skipjack detail

On a hot day, nothing like a Pale Ale and a crab cake at the Crab Claw in St. Michaels, MD - sorry I ate it too quickly to photograph it!!!!  Delicious.

Herb boxes outside the Crab Claw restaurant in St. Michaels, MD

Just outside the museum, I could not resist these Oakleaf Hydrangeas looking all summery in full bloom.

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