Sunday, November 3, 2013


It has been a long wait to see if the leaves were going to put on their Fall splendor, at last, with a chilly snap, they are showing signs of exquisiteness.  And being a late Fall, whilst clearing out my veg garden today, I even got a belated gift of a bowl of tomatoes, Habanero chilies and a bunch of my absolute favorite kitchen garden flowers, Nasturtiums.  

Looking out to my back yard, the view from my bathroom window into the woods, show some pretty leaf color, with lots of green for the beginning of November.  And so many leaves to rake!

This is real - no touching up - Burning Bush - this year it is such a shocking pink it burns to look at it, sometimes a bit more red.  Amazing color.

I love the yellow leaves against the black branches and blue sky.

My precious Nasturtiums, such amazing color and the most delicate and delicious scent.  Oh and a little buglet enjoying them too.

My Fall gift from the garden.  I was expecting to pull out the old tomato plants, and landed up picking a bowl of Roma and Cherry tomatoes, plus a handful of Habanero chilies - killer heat - after trying one and hyperventilating, drinking milk, eating a gallon of ice cream, crunching too much ice, I no longer touch them.  I thought I was going to die, but thankfully survived, never to bite into a Habanero again.  They head off to work with my son, a gift to the chef who loves cooking with them.