Saturday, June 8, 2013

BABYLONSTOREN Part II - in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. In the 8-acre vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. Gorgeous vistas, walks, structures created from wood and willow like trellises, archways, and fences, and then there are the bees to pollinate, ducks and chickens who live in really cool homes. Oh to be a chicken, duck or bee living at Babylonstoren.

One of my favorite photos - strolling by the tree tomato!

Where the ducks hang out.

Inside the duck structure

I want to be an egg-laying chicken living in this place, my own garden and work out area.  They tie bunches of vegetables, leaves etc. that the chickens have to jump to reach - FOR EXERCISE! There it's hanging from the roof structure.

Between the rows of fruit trees in the orchards, carpets of herbs and flowers.

The bee hives are enclosed in this large walled area that you can look through bee cutouts in the doors, and see the hives amongst their very own orchard.  

One of the many bee hives

Clucking and scratching around everywhere amongst the vegetable gardens and the fruit trees, are these beautiful chickens.

Quite a cute little chicken house for those who scratch around the farm and need a break.  I love the bunch of fresh herbs and veges for them to nibble on.

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