Monday, September 17, 2012

FIGS - the last of the season

I planted this tree about 7 years ago as a 3-ft stick with 5 leaves

The last few figs on the tree, not the best, but still figs

Loved by the birds, butterflies and bees.  I have seen a hummingbird sit and slip that long beak in and out of the ripe fruit, sucking up the sweet fig nectar.  

During the day, the deer and little spotted fawns feasted under the fig tree, eating the fruit that fell to the floor or nibbled on the low growing ripe fruit.  They never touched the green figs, or the fig leaves. 

Wow look at me now!

My lovely old Jessie gives perspective to what was a 3-ft stick of a tree a few years ago.  There is a mama fox that brings 3 beautiful little offspring and they snack on fallen fruit under the tree in the early evening.


Ripe figs - delectable.  Goodbye until next season.  Growing figs in zone 7 of Maryland has been so successful, today I planted another  two 3-ft fig trees down at the bottom of the garden - to feed the birds and creatures, and to pick and preserve, eat with cheese, bake into tarts or feast on, on a hot summer's day while strolling around the garden.  

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