Monday, October 1, 2012

St. Genevieve, Missouri - meandering down Rt. 55 from St Louis, MO

Who would have thought.  Off Rt. 55 heading about an hour south from St. Louis is an historic GEM of a town.   Not far from the mighty Mississippi, St. Genevieve is a quaint town with some beautiful historic buildings, a winery, great restaurants and bars, an ice cream shop with amazing memorabilia, serving the perfect selection of ice creams on a hot summers day, and believe it or not, coffee for 10c a cup!  There are some amazing junk and antique shops, gift shops selling crafts that you don't see anywhere else, a few Inns and B&B's.  It is out of the way, but worth the trip.

The Ice Cream Store - check out the bits and pieces and yes, Coffee for 10c a cup

St. Gemme Beauvais Inn

Love the paint colors on the buildings, the details and those chairs!

Gas anyone, or just amazing looking old pumps that hang out looking good.

Main St. Inn Bed & Breakfast

My favorite nik-nak store called Only Child Originals on 176 N. Main and original it was.  I met the owner who is this talented lady who creates the most amazing pieces of art from rusty corrugated iron - hanging hearts with rusty twirled wire (I bought 3), lights and lamps which are awesome but no room to pack, candle votives.  With a room of jewelry and a yard out back, the fountain was running, wild rambling herbs, flowers mingle with her pieces of art.  A retreat for the soul.

Only Child Originals - look at these amazing creations to put outdoors with candles in.........

A lovely little place to stop, walk, eat ice cream and shop.  Off the beaten track - who would have thought?

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