Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Oxford is one of my favorite day trips from Annapolis - an hour away on the Eastern Shore, across the Bay Bridge.  A picture-postcard waterbound village with 700 residents, it has a leafy main street with a small convenience store, delicious sandwiches they make to order, ice creams, and not much else other than boatbuilding, yachting, many gorgeous historic colonial homes and colorful, inspiring gardens.

A lovely little beach on the Tred Avon River, at the end of the main street, most times I visit there is not another soul in sight.

This is about all there is to the beach looking towards the town side.  

A place where I pick up oyster shells (I'm making a mirror), sea glass and other treasure

If I was a lone duck, this is where I would hang out.

The Robert Morris Inn, built prior to 1710 sits brightly at the end of the main street of Oxford, across the street from the water and the Ferry which takes cars and passengers across the water to Bellevue, MD - short cut to St. Michaels, and a quick and fun ride over.

Back patio of the Robert Morris Inn

Looking back up the main street of Oxford

In all her buttercup glory, standing proudly since the early 1700's and once a private residence the Robert Morris Inn 

One of many lovely private colonial homes

A peaceful spot at the end of one of the side streets

A place to sit and reflect on the beauty of the area

Tavern entrance alongside the Robert Morris Inn

Oxford seems to pride itself on beautiful gardens - a white Crape Myrtle (Pride of India) gives a little privacy to the front porch

I'm sure they don't mind me snooping around admiring the summer blooms and blossoms - Crape Myrtle trees (Pride of India), in white and pink were stunning this year as always

Another lovely area on the main street with herbs and perennials and the crushed oyster shell pathway you see a lot of on the Chesapeake Bay

Love the wall murals that decorate otherwise blank expanses of buildings.

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