Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Welcome to B.O.'s of Key West - where anything goes, and everyone has gone, some left something behind or just dumped their bits n pieces.


See I told you - someone parked their truck, with a shark on the back and couldn't drive home after a few drinks

How cool is this curbside bar........

Swinging from the trees - and that's before I even started.....

How can you not want to swing from these magnificent creatures strung with flotsam & jetsam

What a welcome!  Come on in, if you dare - no lifeguard on duty..

Park outside and come on in - anyone and anything goes - parked outside in the parking area

Why was I so fascinated by the door doing into the ladies bathroom????  I wanted to stand and read it but would have been bowled over by the traffic going inside to check out the artwork.

And then we have the artwork on the ladies bathroom wall - loved the "Please please stop writing on our painting, we don't come to your house and draw on your art work" sign stuck on the painting.  And I swear I saw a few men going in there too.  Yikes.  

More interesting artwork or part of the museum wall, or whatever you want to call it.

Waiting patiently for my grouper sandwich which was delish.  Fun place.  I will be back.

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