Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Across the road from the Innlet on the Waterfront, Boca Grande, a short walk down a gravel road, lovely cottages and glamorous digs on either side, is the natural, unspoiled beach.  Sparkling Gulf Coast waters, shells, blue skies, sunshine and magnificent sunsets.  

One of the cute little ones, garden of greens.

Lovely beach house

Bougainvillea and oleander - pink on pink - hides the wall that hides the pretty home inside.

Living in Maryland, I miss the palm trees of the sub-tropical Durban I came from - not to mention the spectacular bougainvillea that were so abundant and flowered profusely all summer long in my garden. 

Loved this leafy entrance to another be beachy home

Pretty or what!

Walk for miles, swim, pick up shells, soak up the rays - don't forget the sunscreen, it's hot

I'm in the warm swells, with my camera and all I see are fish and seaweed around me.  I wouldn't exactly say "surf's up!!"

Great to see the grasses growing naturally everywhere along the beach - holds the sand, provides nesting sites for water birds and turtles  

Coming to the end of another beautiful day on the Gulf Coast, southwest Florida

Not a soul in sight - peace and tranquility as the sun sets

Do I see a wave??

Plovers, plovers everywhere - scurrying back and forth with the water, drilling into the sand for treasure to snack on at the end of the day  



GONE.  THE END - of another beautiful beach day.

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