Saturday, December 24, 2011


A tiny little Greek-American community, based on sea sponge industry - settled by emigrants from the Greek Islands who were harvesting sea sponges in the Mediterranean, they came here a-diving.  Tarpon Springs is just north of Tampa Bay, sits on a series of bayous that feed into the Gulf of Mexico - beautiful little beaches to walk, spot the abundance of sea birds, or just relax in your beach chair.  Stroll around the sponge docks, cute shops selling piles of sea sponges, home-made soaps, Greek lace and pottery products.  Not to mention the delicious lamb, Greek salads and the best Baklava south of Greece!!!!  Oh yum.  And.......if you look closely and are lucky enough, you may spot a manatee bobbing along and munching on vegetation.  I did.

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