Saturday, December 3, 2011

MISS VICKI'S ON THE RIVER - when in Florida

A Thanksgiving week trip to Florida to visit the family, and a few stops at "Miss Vicki's on the River", the Anclote River which flows through Tarpon Springs, FL into the Gulf.  Located in the Anclote Village Marina, this is an unexpected oasis, a bar and grill on the water, live music, and a fun crowd of visitors like me, and locals whose bum prints are permanently embedded on the barstools, including my brother, Ian.  I was lucky to be there when Jus' Jeff performed - what a great musician, he knows how to work the crowds and the girls flocked and gazed longingly - see photo below.   Then there is the ever fun, friendly and beautiful Libby to make sure the Pino Grigio is chilled and topped up, the outdoor beers are well insulated, and nobody goes home hungry.  I had the spicy shrimp wrap - oh so delicious, I dream of them and will have to try to make my own until I can return.  If you are in the area of Tarpon Springs, just north of Clearwater and Tampa, FL, make sure you stop by and say hi to Ian, I'm sure he's there!!!  Just one of the regulars.

Looking back at Miss Vicki's on the River, from the pier.

Could you end your day in a better location?

A few regular bottoms sitting on those famous Miss Vicki's barstools.

Pelicans flying in to spend the night, amazing sunsets - whilst sitting sipping a few glasses of chilled Pino Grigio on a warm evening.

Late afternoon shadows, many locals and visitors enjoy the gorgeous outdoor area and beautiful late fall weather.

JUS' JEFF performing - I would say NOT jus' Jeff - he was fantastic and entertaining - as you can see the girls flocked!

I see Ian!

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