Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Longwood Gardens has long been a favorite of mine, since way before I moved from South Africa to the USA, and before I even had the pleasure of a visit.  I have a friend who had worked at Longwood Gardens and he did a talk and slideshow to our garden club - I was sold.  His stories of the gardens, the people who work there, the hard work and fun adventures fascinated me, not to mention the photos of one of the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen.  It was the first thing I wanted to do, and 16 years ago, within a very short time of arriving on US soil, my visit became a reality and my love of Longwood Gardens grew, during every exquisite season of the year.  Thankfully my drive is only 2 hours each way, so any chance possible, I'm there - it's a great day trip.  Longwood Gardens is 1,077 acres of magnificent gardens that keep changing, evolving, and growing - this year I was wanting to see the new Meadow Garden that opened just this past June and the 86 acres did not disappoint, even in it's winter golden finery.  That is one happy place for birds to live.  Speaking of birds, that was the theme of this year's incredible Christmas Display that I got to see this week - an ode to our feathered friends.  Part one, and just the beginning…………….

Welcoming you to the entrance of Longwood, on either side of the doors, a tree of nests!!  Each nest is made of woven vines & sticks, lined with moss and filled with shiny red Christmas "eggs".

One of the incredible treehouse structures in the gardens.

Yours truly at the entrance gates to the new 86 acre Meadow gardens - a feast for the eyes and food for soul.  Another whole post on this garden to follow.

A magnificent outdoor tree decorated just for the birds - bird houses covered in seed, hanging garlands of grasses, millet, different seeds, strings of edible dried fruit, raisins and nuts, bowls of bird seed.  The tree was alive with birds hopping around and feasting on the festive buffet.  

A useful way to use up those dreaded sweet gum balls that litter my lawn

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