Sunday, August 4, 2013


Kent Narrows is a short drive across the Chesapeake Bay, from Annapolis, Maryland.  Cross Kent Island, another short bridge with sweeping views of the surrounding waterways, marshlands and restaurants, marinas, endless fishing, crab, oyster boats and an endless collection of pleasure boats.  Or boat across from Annapolis, with a collection of fun waterfront restaurants, bars, pubs, crab houses.  Lots to do in summertime on this Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Red Eyes Dock Bar

Harris Crab House

Red Eyes Dock Bar

Heading under the drawbridge that crosses from Kent Island to Kent Narrows

Approaching The Big Owl

Looking back to The Big Owl, nestled under the bridge


Fishermen's Crab Deck


The Jetty

Looking back at the bridge and the collection of fun places to visit on Kent Narrows, Eastern Shore of Maryland 

A local fishing boat going by.

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