Friday, May 31, 2013


The front garden faces the road, so it's not the "living area", but I try to keep it looking colorful with the forest as a backdrop, lots of bright colors and lime green.  I LOVE peonies.

I love the chartreuse of the False Cypress, against the shocking pink of the Knockout Rose (far left), and the Peony in the middle.

Pale pink Oenothera Speciosa, Evening Primrose which self-sows, the grey Rose Campion which I'm hoping blooms more bright pink than white, I get both and this too is a prolific self-sower, the shocking pink of the gorgeous Peony and the bright blue of the Baptisia Australis, False Indigo, both perennial, make for a gorgeous and slog-free garden that pretty much takes care of itself year round.

Aren't I just stunningly beautiful?????

View from the other side with new little Echinacea Purpurea, Coneflower, emerging to fill the gaps and provide summer-long pink to this bed once the Peony and Evening Primrose go back to sleep.

Alongside the front of the house, I continue the chartreuse with Sage, a few False Cypress, Creeping Jenny, Dwarf Nandina and variegated Liriope and then a Crape Myrtle, Sedum, the perennial Hibiscus and double pink Daylilies that will bloom later in the summer.  I think I like busy and I think I like color.

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