Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Having been born and bred in South Africa, my heart still yearns for my trips back home. Mainly to see my family and very special friends, but then also the breathtaking scenery, the smell of the earth, the people. South Africa is rich in exquisite indigenous plants and flowers, some well known worldwide, others only treasured by those lucky enough to find them growing out in the wild. Some of my favourite orange flowers grow in the mountains of the Drakensberg, in the Kloof Gorge, the Durban Botanic Gardens, the Western Cape Coast and the Kirstenbosch Gardens. Here are just a few of the magnificent orange ones.


  1. I came across your blog because I was searching the common name, genus or species of the first orange flower in your post. I would be greatful if you coukd tell me if you know.. Just visited SA & am trying to id several plant pictures. Thanks for any help.. Cindty McWilliams

  2. Sorry Cindy, the comments were hidden, only just seen now. The first flower is called Leonotis Leonorus, commonly known in South Africa as Wild Dagga or also Lions Tail. I have seen it growing here in the Missouri Botanic Gardens in St. Louis, - it attracts nectar loving birds.