Thursday, June 11, 2015

LANGLEY, WASHINGTON - on WHIDBEY ISLAND - we found a gem Part 1


A quote:  "Don't let our quiet streets fool you:  history meets hip in Langley."  

Even the seagulls have an attitude as if to say 'we live in the coolest place!!'

On a 55 mile long island, there is plenty to see and do between Possession Point and Deception Pass - I kid you not!!!  This island forms the northern point of the Puget Sound and is gorgeous. 

Shops along 1st Street, Langley

Is this the cutest theatre or what!!!

Being flower and garden obsessed, of course this was my favorite shop.  The view (next pic) out of the back door is breathtakingly beautiful.

The American Indian connection - amazing totem poles

I love this waterfront architecture, clad in wood and blending in

With the tide out, you could walk for miles - yup we walked this beach

This is whale country or should I say these are the whale waters of Puget Sound

Carved out of a tree trunk, a bench seat with carved salmon

How spectacular is this view looking down over the water from 1st Street.

Restaurants and coffee shops with lush gardens and bright outdoor areas, along 2nd Street.
The lovely 2nd Street, Langley

Fire Department - the place in town to watch and buy hand blown glass - interesting…...

I bought the little purple bud vase sitting on top of a book on the counter - love it

About to blow glass

A cute little entry house with a living roof of tiny succulents

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