Sunday, January 26, 2014


A trip to Islamorada, one of the many Florida Keys, brought us to visit their local Bass Pro stores.  Islamorada is about an hour and a half south of Miami and a 2 hr drive northeast of Key West.  This is one of America's incredible outdoor camping, hunting, fishing, sport stores that sell related gear, great clothing and with the best store decor I have seen.  Each store is decorated with paraphernalia  representing the immediate area, like the huge fish tanks with fish caught in surrounding waters. 

You can see the fish tank in the far left corner, people standing in front admiring these spectacular fish.

One of my favorite parts of the store, the sister-boat belonging to Ernest Hemingway, he played a large part in the history of the Florida Keys, his magnificent wooden fishing boat PILAR sits proudly in the middle of the store and is so interesting to board and walk around.

Another treasure in this particular store is an antique elevator which works, taking you from the first to the upper level where you can look down over the entire store, and admire the many bits and pieces used to decorate this store.  And of course shop.

Look at the detail in the old woodwork used upstairs.  More bits and pieces used to decorate, related to the island living and the fishing and boating which this area is so famous for.  

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