Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Next stop on my trip out west to Seattle was the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, a short drive out of Seattle, WA.  Take a stroll through this gorgeous garden, abundant with spring flowers.

Rhododendrons in every shade you can imagine, some as tall as small trees, filled with delicate and gorgeous flowers.

A peaceful stream runs through the garden, ferns and mosses are everywhere.

The beautiful and delicate Pulsatilla aka Pasqueflower, Windflower and Meadow Anemone and member of the ranunculaceae or buttercup family -  with it's soft hairy purple sepals and plumed seed heads.  It is the provincial flower of Manitoba, Canada and the state flower of South Dakota and native to meadows and prairies.  It is widely used in homeopathic remedies - a gorgeous little flower.  

An amazing spring bulb - Fritillaria Imperialis.

Pretty little Primulas

In full spring bloom, the magnificent Magnolia Laevifolia

Clumps of Trillium everywhere in the woodland areas

Beautiful mossy woodland walks

Slug crossing

A magestic bronze Owl statue

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What a life………...

Mossy rocks

What a spectacular collection of Peonies - both Tree Peonies and Perennial Peonies

And last, but not least, the heavenly scented Lilacs - blooming everywhere and scenting the air.  

The Bellevue Botanical Garden is 36 acres of woodlands, wetlands, display gardens, garden rooms and an abundance of beauty - I loved my peaceful stroll around in gorgeous spring weather.  

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