Monday, February 9, 2015


The Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) Peninsula are home to a huge number of migratory birds that over winter in the colder months.  SNOW GEESE are just one sight to behold, and after breeding way north up in the Arctic Tundra, our winter to them must seem warm.  Ever seen the movie "Fly Away Home"??  One of the most amazing sights I have seen is a flock of SNOW GEESE take flight and land again.  There are so many of them that all flock together, when they take off the flurry of activity and sound of them honking is indescribable.  Other than to say, breathtakingly beautiful.  Yesterday we went for a drive up the Eastern Shore of Maryland and spotted a field of white - no not snow, SNOW GEESE.  So a quick u-turn, a short trip down a farm road and there they were in all their glory.  After a short while, they put on a show for us that was so magnificent, and so special, it made our entire day. 

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