Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Spring in Chicago is absolutely beautiful - When it's Spring Again I'll Bring Again, Tulips from Michigan Avenue.

Breathtaking - all I wanted to do was walk up and down Michigan Avenue looking at the gorgeous containers, the beds of tulips that swept up and down the street for as far as I could see.

Interesting containers on the sidewalk

When it's spring again,

Street corner

I'll bring again,

Tulips from Amsterdam - or Chicago in this case...

Beautiful tulips, beautiful city

How beautiful is this street planting?

Japanese maples planted amongst the bulbs

Hydrangeas, pussy willow branches, annuals shining bright

I'm not the only one staring and photographing

Orange tulips and stream on the street

Gorgeous spring containers

Outside a hotel on the street

Out on the pavement - gorgeous

Pots of cyclamen and cascading annuals with pussy willow sticks

Another beautiful street corner

I LOVE Chicago - chilly but not too windy

Who would have thought - pink and orange

More containers just out on the sidewalk

And I will be back here again too - can't wait.....

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