Monday, December 19, 2011

STILLRIDGE FARMS at the Harbor Center

I first visited Stillridge Farms way back in the days when I was still living in South Africa and came over on a look-see, probably 16 years ago.  I remembered the recycled wood furniture, the rustic decorations, the exquisite embroidered cushions and beautiful smell of natural soaps, cinnamon and dried orange.  At the back they have a collection of delicious sauces and chutneys, lots of adorable pottery bowls filled with samples to taste.  I was delighted when I returned to find it has survived the years - I stopped by this evening while Christmas shopping in the Harbor Center - that smell of cinnamon is still there.

The storefront from outside

Storefront closeup - so inspiring as always.......

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  1. Nice pics Bev. Walked past there yesterday and stuck my nose in to get a whiff, reminds me of all the times I took Hannah there when she was a tot.